Future of the multiplayer

We are working on the multiplayer part of the game for a while now. We see it as the big part, not just a feature but as the standalone game where you can play on-line and also on the local network.

At the beginning of the development we bin looking for a library and infrastrucutre we can use, ideally opensource, but we were not able to find the right tools.

We wanted to use rich achievement systems, leaderboard based player matching, and have social media features, ideally own secure sofial network for our games. And we finally make our own 🙂

You will get access to the network through our games and our gameplay server portal, who also act as a web browser games portal for our games.

You will enjoy:

  • Leaderboards – like you never see them before 😉
  • Matchmaking based on your performance and style of play
  • Ability to contact the other players and schedule the tournaments! Your own 😉
  • Be part of the public tournaments in various categories
  • Clans and clans tournaments
  • Free plays – just touch that nutno and you are ready to play with the ready oponent
  • Local super cool Family/Friends tournaments and long plays
  • Family and Friends play-off matches
  • And the Best thing ever, everyone can see your game on our gameplay server live!
  • Moderated gameplays and tournaments
  • Playing on multiple devices in the same time
  • Running the streams on big TV at your home
  • And access to the minikonies social network

What do you think? 🙂 Will it be ok for the Best in the world puzzle game ?

We are working hard to make it for you!