Hi fellow gamer!

Thanks for your minute reading this 🙂 As you know we are working on a causal title ComboBlockPuzzle. We spend a tons of time implementing multiplayer and game services to make the bets experience in the causal game.

We just finished our network infrastructure for the networking system at the our backend servers. Using top class technologies we managed to create something that wasn’t so natural in the games like ComboBlockPuzzle. We managed to create distributed flexible system that scale with our users. The platform we called minikonies and is now running in closed beta stage on our servers.

minikonies – the leads for e-sport portal by minikony.com

As time passed, we are about to make the public version accessible soon also with our new leaderboards and e-sports backend micro-services that are responsible for the match – making and streaming of the played games.

YES – streamed games. We create you a new experience where you can play on-line with your friends, family, rest of the world and share it in the shared public or private tournaments in causal games. You will be streamed on our platform and YOU will become the public personality, the superior player.

We also strongly focused on your privacy! Even when our system is using a top – notch analytics that analyse your skills and gameplay, an AI who is looking for the bets talents in our games, the system doesn’t require any of your private data. For sure, you can decide if you will want to share your game analytics data, that are in fact only your in – game moves, or decide not to. It wont affect the possible multiplayer game on your local network, so you can still play with your family and friends locally!

Wanna more? 🙂 We give you more!! As a part of you games, you will get the unique experience in our Virtual Console feature, where you can establish you local tournaments on big screens on your TV or any device you have at home or company resting room – we doubt you have them 😉

YOU can play with against anyone and anytime on our new platform! Be famous and part of this new experience we just invented for the causal games and will be a part of our flagship ComboBlockPuzzle