A little introduction into how I see it as concept for this blog thing first.
I don’t read blogs, or simply I don’t remember because I usually use different channels of the knowledge. So conceptually this should be a little chaotic.
I started programming in eight, in prehistoric language basic. Back then it wasn’t that cool or simple to create what we called now an app. Any kind of software was almost the unique concept without sophisticated frameworks. Hard job eventually back then. I wasn’t forced to the work since childhood, as is usual now in countries developing we called smart technologies, but well I was interested in this area as it seems to be like poetry combined with paintings and bubbled by math and clear thinking, nice. So I went into games, as I found it as a framework for the obtaining of the knowledge of the environment in possible simulations and math. Just play around and you get there.. 🙂
Well and I ended up, after an ages of doing everything else but not on the things I wish for, in my own project I getter from audience forbidden place almost for free. We call it puzzle, as with my partner in this projects, and I just started to put everything there. Like a test for the framework 😉
And we are testing the important part of this whole diversified project, business.
It was inevitable to learn how to sell the thing, in the uncompromised environment full of sharks and monkeys. So we do, risk a lot and started to crate what is called a sale product.

The libgdx – programming stuff
Everything arround this project is somehow connected with this amazing set of libraries. It deserves a spot under a light in the java librarien hearth. It works, and you get this feel it isn’t just and blackbox engine with the paintbrush like game creation editor. You have to code the thing. On any platform? Sure, there are a ways for all of them, and the speed of jvm vs binary native? Are we really still care in a day’s of reactive revolution? It’s OK to write the shader who don’t care about its execution. And Java isn’t that bad, it can be simple and stupid even without kotlin. But sure, you can use what you want on top of jvm with libgdx, and that’s is also a way onto any platform. And yup, I am planning to make a few libgdx blog entries, just to share some

The job
Create the game, sell it, be rich, well doesn’t work this way even if you put there a lot. You can play the game when you try to make a game, and I did, for a long time I spend in the engine programming and not making games in it. It happens. But the thing why you don’t get there is because of this big independence. You just play around until you are forced to make it. That’s it. So I am going to put PuzzleComboBlocks as the first game, and will be followed by the others. We found a potential to actually make something that can make some sales. And we are going to analyze how we get there. I will need a note, so why not share it openly here, right?
I am going to describe more on how I decided to develop things in the next posts