It is a while since our last post. And we bin working hard. Our first title is almost ready to be published, but there is more, much much more comming 😉

So, first thing first. We moved into the new place, have a new offices and a lot of space just for our creative works. Everything was kinda good these days. We have a new server with the websites versions of our games and we prepared the infrastructure for our own game services.

And that’s the big thing. We decided to have our own multiplayer services infrastructure for our gamers. Now third party services, no private data sharing, just simple playing of our games and use of all the network features we can provide your for you, our gamers. And there is a list of our features 😉

  1. Social features – you can use all the modern things like sharing of the progresses thru the games, showing how good or bad you are. But more, you will get your own chat rooms, yup, every user, every game, and even a News or achievement should or can be discussed and made proud of
  2. Multiplayer server – you are goging to play with the friends.. Sure, nothing new here, but on our network real-time and turn based, and crossconnected thru all of our games
  3. News and staff to get in touch with us – as we want to hear from you 😉

We are planning to make a tournaments in games. Local tournaments and world-wide ones, just because we can 🙂 And we are going to publish the stuff if you want to, almost fully automatically on your public or personal walls. That’s it, no face something with tun of ads but just your own You!

What it means 😉

We can the service minikonies, just like that, as we called the web and all the stuff minikony. It is going to be online service and just for now we are planning to use this backend services as our private space, compatible with new set EU GDPR rules, and accessed for you. No hidden marketing crazy stuff, just we want to be strait with you, so you will like us 😛

Minikonies will be responsible also for informing you about the news, and all the good stuff or free stuff you can get in our games. And you can expect that we are really working hard to make them cool 😉

For what?

We already opened the info about the Combo block puzzle game. Sure, our first thing have to be used as the thing that will catch all the punches as the first thing. So it is also going to be our testing service in once. The Pioneer.
I don’t want to disclose the next two titles we are working on right now as we close them now as a private projects, not so completed to showing up right now. We just want to hit you with them in the right time and timing. We are not planning to conquer the gaming world with them, we just want to play arround and make the ship done 🙂

We are excited about the close events.. So stay in touch and we are going to publish more