It’s bin for a while since last post. We work on our first game to make it cool and just good enough for players we are targeting in the first place. It isn’t overheated product but the good game with the long gameplay. Balanced and polished to be a part of your day routines that fits that small time some of us enjoying, like traveling and so.. nothing more.
And because WE are working on it (:)) means we play a lot with every part that doesn’t make that much of the interest to the others. And are going to introduce a few new features in the game that we want to work on continuously. Those are, for sure, the minikonies services, or our gaming services at the backend, of that whole thing.
And what it does? Well it makes you a hero with your own audience 😉 We tried to design a gaming related social services, as they call them, but those are mostly multiplayer features, and we don’t see any inspiration out there. So we did it and create our own platform that can grows with us. And without any third parties or tricks on you or your own informations or data. Just we respect you all as our players, and we just want you to play. We enjoy it too 😉 And it definitely wont change at any time. I can promise!

He GO day is comming 😉

And the Game Out day is going to be 10th September 2018 as the launch day. We are still not sure if it is going to be a public beta or version 1 release. We dont see the big difference as we want to make the games as the services not the closed products. And well.. lets see if we can make some younger players enjoy the small piece of time with our game 🙂

But well sorry, no screenshots yet 😛 We will publish more mabe a week before the release 😉

Cu in our game soon 🙂