Thats it 🙂 Out first thing is the puzzle game for phones, tablets and facebook. We learn how to support all the necessary platforms so far. We intergated gameing services, learn how to make additive gameplay, how to play with the pixelated graphics and build it for all the platforms.

Wanna try?

  • We are planning to run the official portal at where you will be able to play our games directly in browser on all the supported devices
  • We are testing now, so if you want to try an easy drive, go directly at: and try for yourself 🙂
  • Be aware, it is still a heavy beta version as we are working on better versioning system now, HTML versions are actually as the last in the queue of supported platforms 😀 So be patient, we are working on it to make it great
  • Play as you want 🙂 Just come back for some news and thats it 🙂

Link for the beta HTML version:

enter ComboPuzzleBlock beta program here


Found a bug or aren’t quite sure how something works? Simple answer, try to shutdown and run it again 😀 or just press F5 and it will be ok for now 😉


We are making this game by ourselves, but we are using the music from the various authors under open licenses now.